About Me
I am Eugene. I am happy that You are looking for a professional high quality massage! During over than 20 years of my studies and practice I formed my own style and methods of diagnostics and treatment of my patients. I use the most efficient massage styles that would meet any person's needs and preferences.
Let me offer You my special treatments, if You are really looking for a high quality professional massage therapy.
Thank You for Your visit!
Stay healthy!
I have chosen to learn asian styles of massage and bodywork, as the most effective for improvement of the human health. I got my pescious knowledge in Thailand, Russia, Japan, Australia and UK. My learning is still continuing, I am looking forward to my next massage course in China in the end of the year.
Real Asian Techniques
All my sessions could be talored to Your body's exact needs at the moment of our meeting. My sessions never repeat one another. My motto is «Give quality in every touch, give health in every session»